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Trail Conditions

April 21, 2017–

Full on spring. Snow only hiding in shady pockets. Trout lily leaves emerging from the ground and tree buds bursting. The trail to Cat Mountain has some major beaver activity and would require a lengthy walk around or require waders; water reportedly over knee in deepest part. All other trails in good shape. Winter has receded gently and mud is minimal.


March 18, 2017–

This is the best of winter. We’ve had a recent and very generous snowfall, so all trails are prime for snowshoeing and x-c skiing. The temperatures have moderated and are at of just above freezing during the height of the day, but back down below freezing at night. Perfect for those making maple syrup! And the sun! Yes, it is shining. You may be mentally ready for spring, but you won’t regret getting outside and enjoying the last bit of winter.


March 7, 2017–

More dry, crunchy leaves exposed on the ground. The view through the woods is unhindered by leaves. A beautiful time of year in its own right.


March 5, 2017–

A mixed bag – some snow, some ice, some mud – frozen mud. It’s transition time of year. The weather has been fluctuating from winter to full on spring to winter again and that makes for train conditions that change from day to day. Good news is there is no beaver flooding on either the High Falls Trails or the Janack’s Landing Trail.

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